Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello, Kettle?

This is the Pot. You're black.

Now, I don't happen to think that Ira Isaacs actually makes art. I think he makes porn. I think he makes really gross porn that people who are in to that kind of thing will pay a lot of money to obtain simply because there's not a lot out there. Freedom of speech is one thing, and he can take that. But him comparing bestiality to me sitting down with my watercolors is bullshit. He is doing it for profit purely, despite his claims to want to do something extreme.
At least, that's my opinion. I opine that his claim to wanting to do extreme art is just an excuse so he can robe himself in more layers of martyrdom. Say that five times fast.
I would also like to point out that I like porn. It does wonderful things for couples, and lets you explore things you would never actually do yourself or with another person. Porn is entirely safe sex. And as long as everybody consents who's being taped, hey, it's a victim-less crime. Those are the better kind if you've got to have crime around.
Back to the article, though, I'd like to quote Bob from this morning when I shared the article with him.
"Oh noes! I can no longer espouse morality because it's now been proven I'm more like you than not!"
Well spoke. How about just sticking with making sure nobody gets hurt. It's disgusting. It's not art. But it is covered under the first amendment.

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