Friday, June 20, 2008

No, I do NOT has a Tardis. And it's not fair.

I think it's about time I accepted that I will never even meet David Tennant, much less get to know him. As it is, that wouldn't be enough. I would want to meet the man and leave a lasting impression. Otherwise I might as well become one with the wall and go on through the world the way I have been.
And this stupid goofy crush I've got? Damnit...the's the eyes, all their fault.
I think I need to also face up to that with the likes of Robert Downey, Jr. and Johnny Depp. Both the crush and wanting to make an impression. Once again, it's the eyes. What is up with me and dark brown eyes??
It's just not worth the exchange of energy or taking up my time or their time if there's not...something...left of it, you know? I just can't think of any legitimate reason I would ever need to meet any of these people or what I could possibly have in common with them so... logic prevails and I cast aside all my secret school-girl-esque longings.
A man like that has never set eyes upon and ~seen~ a girl the likes of me. Ysobelle was right. It just don't happen. There's a certain level of "Hollywood" that must be possessed in a person before another picks up on it. I don't have it. Hell, I don't even have the best ability to talk with the non-famous. :)
This all came about when I read about the gush-thread on LJ concerning the 10th Dr. Who. I must admit with embarrassment that yes, I too am smitten. It was interesting to note that they cited about 95% of the same things, and most everything that caught my eye. I guess women are looking for certain traits?
It's odd to be in the bell curve for anything in the population, so I'm amused by this. Someone figured out how to tap in to estrogen. Good on them.
In the meantime, I have a beautiful blue-eyed Bob who holds me and says sweet things to me every day. He's not famous but he's fucking brilliant and soft and gentle. He's my people. And if I didn't already have him, I'd probably have a crush on him. ^_^

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