Monday, June 16, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation - Azeroth edition

It's official. Just about anybody who's word I care to read has played World of WarCraft. The guy who writes Ommatidia fessed in his blog that he, too, once tripped over the stones of Azeroth questing his heart out.
Well...he didn't say that exactly. But everybody knows that's what you do the second you spawn in the Valley of Trials. Or Teldrassil. Or wherever the hell you spawn if you haven't played a Nelf or a....most of the Horde, actually. Oh yeah, Deathknell. One of my least favorite places to crawl out of in the whole game.
But, per usual, I digress.
How interesting that a common thing binds so many folks together, but for entirely different reasons. Playing World of WarCraft is getting up there as something shared the way being American is shared. Or Buddhist. Or vegetarian. You say "Hi, I'm a blood elf warlock" and you can virtually guarantee someone from the back of the room is going to shriek "NERF WARLOCKS! BELVES SUCK! YOU GOT A PRETTY MOUTH BOY!!" Unless they're a girl, then it'll be some comment about their tits. But you get the general idea.
Playing Warcraft is like saying you watched the Challenger explosion. Or watched the Jamaican bobsled team win the winter Olympics. Just a shared commonly accessible experience. It's interesting to think about that. Much in the way people can share enjoyment of a movie, or an opera, or a camping spot, people can say "Oh yeah, I had to run Kara 23 times to get all the badges I needed" and at least one person in that room...they are going to know your pain.
Kinda cool.
I was going to draw a parallel between neat people playing WoW who were also highly creative and relatively interesting until I realized...I was looking for those kinds of people, and so I came across them. Just like if you're looking for those kinds of people in a bookstore, or a concert. You'll find them. If I'd set out to look for the beer-drinking jocks, I would've found them too. Because it isn't a club. It's simply a population of people. And if I were to deceive myself for one moment that there weren't some true dickheads in that population like there were in the real world, I could disabuse myself of that notion in 2 minutes just by setting foot in Warsong Gulch.
It's just people. No neater, no more banal, than anywhere else. It's just one more thing in common. :)

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