Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good news! We found your lighthouse!

Sorry we misplaced it. It's close by, really.

We engaged in the Ghost Hunters drinking game last night, and in so doing recalled a few more points previously undocumented that required a drink...
~someone plays a practical joke on someone else
~they send Chris in as an experiment anywhere
~Steve gets scared of ~anything~, not just spiders
~someone injures themselves during an investigation. -this was actually added on after they investigated the speak-easy near San Fran and Grant fell from the ceiling, tweaking his ankle.

Anyway, I have a hangover. Steve is great for prompting shots, all I'm gonna say.

What's interesting is that ever since my birthday it's been an odd relationship between myself and alcohol. I used to be able to enjoy it without getting completely blasted. But now I'm finding I don't like the taste, and I get drunk with lasting consequences FAR more easily. The scientific part of me find it very hard to believe such a change in physiology could happen in one week to bring about these new reactions. Same goes for cigars, I'm afraid. :( Almost sad my former vices disappearing like this.

I keep meaning to blog about the Wizard World convention that Bob and I went to. Much fun. Lots of people dressed up. Lots of comics! And we watched Shin-Chan for a bit. Overall a good time, but there were photos and it deserves more than a three sentence blurb. Think I'll go write it up over on LJ.

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