Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Goal in Life... next job will NOT have me answering phones to fix things. I have sworn this.

I hate answering the phone. It impacts my productivity, people don't know what they actually want, and it is actually NOT faster than IM. And thanks to all these people calling up and screaming at me, who has no clearance to fix their issues, I have now bitten off part of the fingernails I have been so good about not biting for 2 weeks.
At least we know what the trigger is.

It's very hard not to announce "fuck you" to the vague amalgamation of people who call up. I found myself flipping off the phone when it rang several times earlier today because it interrupted me being almost complete with something. And promptly, as I predicted, diverted my attention.

I want to work in a lifeless cubicle with as little phone contact as possible. I'll get to keep my fingernails and my amicable disposition.

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