Thursday, June 12, 2008

Actual Conversation pt. 10

me: btw, Silly says she misses you.
Robert: Nice of her.
me: You sound thrilled. *chuckle*
Robert: I don't sound at all, I read. It was nice of her to say that. I couldn't think of anything else to say about it.
It was pretty neutral / slightly positive. ;-)
me: Ah.
You do too sound! I have heard you!!!
3:15. And all ticket movement has halted dead for the first time since Monday.
looks around, worried
Robert: Oh noes! *watches tidal wave coming in*
me: *throws hands up in the faint hope of defense, knowing all too well that already she is too late, the die has been cast and that wave is coming....*
Robert: *gets out his little umbrellas for the beach drinks*
me: *braces herself for what could either be the worst or the coolest thing that has ever happened to her*
Robert: *lays out a towel and puts on sunscreen*
me: *tenses for impact...*
Robert: *sighs contentedly*
me: *finds herself in Camden*
....what the fuck?
Robert: ....... I thought that's where you wanted to go?
me: Apparently.
*is now extremely puzzled, and also notes there's no water, nor are either of them wet*
Well, that was a lot of buildup for nothing.
Robert: True, maybe next time

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