Monday, June 9, 2008

Actual Conversation pt...9? I think?

Talula: i got soooo sick frmo drinking on prozac
me: You're nutz, woman.
Talula: well, iwas 19 at the time
and didn't realzie the implications
me: Oh!
Talula: heh
me: Well that makes sense.
Teenagers are made of steel.
Talula: at least xanax acts on the same neurotransmitters as alcohol
GABA-urgic drugs
me: Gesundheit.
Talula: heheh
sorry, lots of random psychology of drug knowledge in the ole cranium
me: Indeed.
That's okay. Mine is full of latin names for plants and bugs and birds.
Drugs are slightly more useful.
Talula: haha
me: Like it's never a life or death situation if someone can shout out "CALINECTES SAPIDUS!"
CrucifyTalula: LOL
me: And everyone heaves a sigh of relief.
Although they should.
Talula: hehehehehe
me: Because blue crabs are tasty.
Talula: yum

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