Friday, June 27, 2008

Actual Conversation #15- wherein Earth is invaded by Comet-burgers.

Robert: I was pondering Indian food tonight. You have any thoughts in mind?
me: I was thinking that a quarter is probably not an accurate thing to spin in order to obtain a true chaotic solution to something.
You would be better marking a washer with a sharpie. H and T for heads and tails.
The design makes for extra weight on one side over another, even when worn down in the case of quarters prior to 1976 that have silver in them.
Robert: True
me: And then I got mad because I wanted to buy purple and red ink to write in but I don't have the funds.
Robert: Well, a quarter isn't truly chaotic anyway. It has 2 answers. True chaos leaves room for 'let's fly to japan for sushi'
me: ..............I love you......................
True chaos flips the quarter, then pulls out the 20 sided die, then rolls that, then goes to the random number generator...then wanders off in search of cotton candy.
Robert: *chuckles*
me: But Indian would be good.
Robert: Lol
me: I didn't have anything else in mind. :)
Robert: Okies, we'll see how it goes
Maybe in true chaotic fashion burgers will arrive via comet.
me: I welcome our new comet-burger overlords.
Robert: Indeed!

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