Friday, April 13, 2012


My apologies for this, but I am doing my darnedest to get chosen as an artist for the next Womanthology launch, and they needed a picture uploaded via URL.

So I'm stashing this here, and you guys can take a peek and see what I'm trying to bribe them with! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Actual Conversation #109 - Headshootz

(This actually occured in Boston a few days ago, but I was not reminded of it until a moment ago.)

Waiter (with obvious Boston accent): How you all doin' this evening? Celebrating anything tonight?
Bob: No, not really.
Me: Being alive.
Waiter: *blinks* *stares* *opens mouth then closes it for a second* That's... that's kinda deep there. I heard something like that in a rap video once! Cheers to both of you, being alive! Happy Easter!
*waiter hurries off to do waiterly things*
*Bob chuckles under his breath*
Me: What?
Bob: You verbally headshotted that guy. I have never seen that.

Actual Conversation #108 - where we talk starting the Zombie Apocalypse

(To frame this discussion, it started as a search to find sushi places that might do delivery/pickup near work.)
Joe[19:30] : teikoku is exspensive
Me [19:30] : Is it? Oh. Nevermind then
Joe[19:31] : well idk how to really read it
Joe [19:31] :
Joe [19:31] : that's the menu
Me [19:31] : one sec, will look after this call
Joe [19:31] : ok
Me [19:38] : ooo... swanky websi.... holy hell, yeah, that's expensive
Me [19:39] : Okay. So no. We're not going ther.
Me [19:39] : hell, we could proabaly pick up sushi from GIANT for $6
Joe [19:39] : but that's how the zombie apocolypse starts
Me [19:39] : With discount sushi?
Joe [19:40] : gas station sushi
Me [19:40] : Well, I'm tired of waiting personally. don't you think we should just jump start this thing?
Joe [19:41] : no
Joe [19:41] : I'm good

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still going...

I actually spent the entire day out in public in a skirt! Don’t laugh, it’s really stressful for me for some reason.
We took the train to Boston today, so I spent all of my time on the train, in the stations, and walking around downtown Boston in a little jersey skirt that was incredibly soft and not too bad looking on me to boot!
Added bonus, saw people checking out my legs. I can’t remember the last time somebody did that.
On top of that, I am here without any of my usual electronic distractions OR a camera, so I can just take in the city. I am very nervous, and we are going to new parts of the city we’ve never gone before, but I will handle it!