Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Lemmings and Men - Actual Conversation # 12

me: My stalker called this morning.
And the only reason I know it was him was because he didn't introduce himself, but didn't say "What the hell slacker, answer the phone faster"
Which is how WoW Boy greets me when I answer.
Robert: *chuckles*
me: And he asked me a question while I was looking stuff up...I answered it...and he was totally at a loss for a response.
It was just some lame thing about how's your morning going.
Robert: *chuckles* Was it one of your 'honest answers that's not just vapid chit chat' that throws people sometimes. :-)
me: Ohhh.
Robert: I love when a grocery clerk or something asks you how you are, and you actually respond with things like 'I have a headache'. It's like...he was not expecting an actual processed discussion. :-)
me: Yes.
Like when I said "I'm tiiiiired"
Robert: It's really very cool you do that. :-)
me: *laugh*
Robert: It's like not walking in the door 90% of the people do when there's another one there. Think instead of being a herd animal . :-)
me: I think the brain just fires off that fast and never learned how to do chit chat!
I likes lemmings but is not one.
Robert: Aye
So, you answered a question and he was surprised?
me: I don't know if he was surprised.
But he was at a loss for words.
Robert: Did he call for a technical problem, or just to chat?
me: Tech issues
Robert: Cool
me: It's just....
I dunno, I want to shake him a little.
Just grab him by the shoulders and rattle his skull a bit
Robert: Shake him a lot please. I've seen you try to 'shake a little' and it leads to it getting worse. :-)
me: Yes.
Well, here is exactly what was said
Him "How is your morning going?"
Me: "Eh. I'm wishing it was afternoon rather than morning, really."
Him. "...*small noise*..."
Robert: *chuckles*
me: Me:" You know. So it would be closer to leaving-time."
Him"..*sound of chair shifting"
Me:" Cause it's Friday and then it would be the weekend... Found your guy"
Robert: (Him: looking at his script trying to figure out what went wrong) ;-)
me: Nothing went wrong.
Robert: Lol
me: I go in the door that's already open because I like to test if people are polite enough to hold it for me, btw. ^_^
So...lemming with a purpose.
Or whatever noise a cute lemming makes
Robert: Yeah, you got me on that one.
me: Oh wait, I know what noise they make.
"Oooooooo fuuuuuuck Clyyyyyyyyde wheeeeere aaaaare yooooou gooooooooooooiinnggg? AAAAAAHHHHH!"
Robert: LOL

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