Monday, June 23, 2008

Blue Tongues Should Sometimes Stay in Skinks.

I am betrayed.
This morning when I went to eat breakfast I realized that I could not taste anything that I was eating...unless it was on the sides of my tongue. The top was completely devoid of tasting ability.
My lips, as well, seem a bit numb today.
I recall last night eventually marvelling that I must have gotten tired of the ice cream because it tastes like ~nothing~ by the time I was done. In fact, it was almost like liking room-temperature...nothing. I figured my tongue was cold and the tastebuds were numb.
Not so. And this is the oddest allergic reaction I have EVER had to something. But I can't taste anything. It feels like my tongue was burned along the top and everything has died. Only when food passes to the sides of it do I even begin to taste anything, and realize exactly how much flavor I am missing. I'm actually afraid to EAT right now for what I will be missing!
This alone has made me grateful to have my faculties such as they are. I couldn't imagine only being able to see some colors, or some of what was ahead of me, or only part of the music score.
How freakin' bizarre. Thank you, blue ice cream, for bringing me thankfulness in a totally bizarre manner.

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