Monday, June 16, 2008

Actual Conversation # 11

Robert: Sorry, got into a long discussion on requirements. Yeah, I'm doing fine I think. Just really bored.
me: You're SURE you're not hungry???
Robert: *chuckles* A touch, but I'm going to see how I go without lunch today as an experiment.
And you are set on DND, should I hush?
me: That was for AIM's sake.
People were looking for amusement.
And I had tickets to filter.
Robert: Ah, well I let you filter. :-)
me: If you want.
I am here to hear your mouth-words.
Or finger-words, as it were.
Robert: As it were. :-)
me: were-tee-were-were
That is an awesome sound.
You should go do sudokus for fun.
Robert: What is it the sound of?
me: whirrrr?
It's the sound of a one winged humming bird.
Robert: ??
me: If you think about it, a one winged hummingbird is going to spin downward.
Like maple seeds do.
But they rattle more than whir.
Humming birds kinda buzz.
So if you have a one winged hummingbird, he's pretty much going to spiral down on one wing and whir.
Robert: much thought have you put into this?
me: It was just an image that popped in to my head.
And as I went to explain it, it fleshed itself out.
I suppose that was a bit bizarre.
Robert: No, it was interesting, I was just wondering if this is something you came up with on the fly or specced out years in advance for some heretofore undisclosed top secret project.
me: That was on the fly.
I'm sworn to secrecy on that other stuff.
If I ever murmur "Heilenberg generator" in my sleep, it's your patriotic duty to smother me, btw.
Robert: Ooooo, okay.
me: Oh wait
Robert: laughs
me: Get a gun and meet me at home. *sigh* I loved you.
Robert: Loved you!

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