Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I can has gnarly shreddin' on guitarz?

So I'm a big fan of music games on the computer. I bought a guitar-playing video game for the DS. In Japanese. Interestingly enough, it still translates. An A min is still written A min even if the game is from the land of the rising sun. So I lucked out.
We have Guitar Heroes 1 thru 3 and we've been eyeballing Rock Band for some time now, unable to bring ourselves to purchase that many peripherals all at once despite the promise of awesomeness.
We have wireless guitars. We have wired guitars. We have bongos for the Game Cube. We have microphones for Sing Star. (We have 3 of the 5 currently available. Pop and 90's were put on hold until we could get through the first 3.) My PSP even has a BeatMix game where you tap on buttons in time to the music, and I'm really enjoying it. Basically, we like the musical games. In fact, Monday I got as far as I've ever gotten in a Guitar Hero game when I hit the fifth venue. And that it is now across all platforms, not just the Play Station, is really awesome and just screams of its universal appeal.
In fact, I guiltily admit that I am looking forward to the release of Guitar Hero: On Tour for my DS, even in spite of that utterly cheesy ad they've got for it.
So basically up until now you could have fun, but people would sit there and make fun of you for not going to play a real guitar. (As I have done...but I CAN play a real guitar, so the argument is null.)
Well, here's the thing. Now you can. Thanks to a lovely little program you can now download and create your own songs to play on the guitar. Which does actually make it a musical instrument that you are playing. It's called Frets on Fire, and it's actually kinda neat if you don't mind the hassle.
I wanted to share.

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