Thursday, June 5, 2008

I wandered clueless as a noob that floats on high o'er interwebs and forums...

I just learned that I completely missed National Poetry Writing Month. It was April! Who knew?? Well, the people participating in NaPoWriMo, for sure. It came just in time for...gasp...National Poetry Month, which I ALSO did not know about and so I have completely failed my wisdom roll at this point.

I am a bit bummed, yes, but now that I am aware that it is out there I can make ready for it with heavy, steady practice. While I wouldn't yet set a toe in the land where one is named a "poet", I do write them. I also drive a car fast. This doesn't necessarily make me a race car driver.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time plowing through NaNoWriMo (have the Major Award to prove it, too!) and while these days I rarely need an excuse to write, I do need a challenge. For now my Bleeding Ink Project should be enough to sustain me. But eventually when I have proven to myself that I can sustain a habit (this usually takes about 3 years for me to notice, by the way) then I will shift away and start working on intensive projects. I'd already planned to include the NaNoWriMo in to Bleeding Ink. It would just make for a fabulous little thing, writing 2,000 words a day to survive...and this year I can try it WHILE employed, meaning I will have to be very, very much more disciplined. For once the thought excites me instead of makes me grumble in irritation.
I am so very ready to put thought to word and pen to paper, and overeager about it at times. Give me an excuse, America. I am finding I am no longer afraid of you.

And now, click for a really, really good poem.

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