Saturday, June 21, 2008

Actual Conversation #13

What an auspicious number! And I've got a good one for you. Bear in mind this happened in complete darkness.

Bob: Goodnight sweetie!
Me: G'night sweetie! G'night Daisy! Wh...whoa...
Bob: So we're getting up at 6 to get there in time (to AnimeNext), you think?
Me: *muffled* Yeah.
Bob: Okay, then should we just get up with your alarm?
Me: *less muffled* Yup. Sounds good.
Bob: Makes sense....where are you?
Me: *from the floor* Down here.
Bob: Oh. I was wondering because you were there and then suddenly you were not.
Me: Yes. I'm down here now. *small laugh*
Bob: Are you coming to bed?
Me: Yep. I just...I...hold on.
*rustle of sheets, another laugh*
Bob: Are you okay?
Me: Well, yes, I'm fine. I went to get on the bed and Daisy moved because I leaned on her. And I moved my hand, but when I went to put it down there wasn't any bed there and my other hand couldn't balance the weight so I sort of...rolled off.
Me: *laugh in to pillow*
Bob: Wow. You just failed to go to bed?
Me: Yes. I just totally failed to go to bed.
Bob: Wooooowww. You must be having a hard night.
Me: *unable to answer for laughter*

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