Friday, June 6, 2008


My car hit 45,000 miles yesterday, and today we auto-deposited enough to cover two plane tickets to Japan. Anything after this covers the hotel stays, transportation and food. Wow! It's so neat to think the most expensive part is done! Anything after this is just covering the level of hotel room and cuisine we want to experience. At this rate I've been dropping $100+ in to it a month. That should be enough for a few nights somewhere nice. Maybe some really good sushi. Maybe a night at a ryokan with extra soft comforters to sleep under. The possibilities are just really, really neat.

I have another comic I'm going to scan and post today. I've had it since Wednesday but I'm lazy. And nobody's clamoring for it, really, so... it could wait. The funny thing is I've got all kinds of ideas for it now.It's just slightly easier to sketch up, because I've still got ideas for Zombie-Nation as well. They just take forever with their shading and sketching, etc, etc.

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