Thursday, June 26, 2008

Actual Conversation #14

me: I became very popular over IM.
Robert: I'm sure
me: People are suddenly telling me stuff about their families and things. that what they do after a while?
Robert: Yeah, it seems to be how they interact.
me: Oh.
...should I reply back with things that are happening with my family?
Robert: If you wish. I'm sure they do it because it expands their world and helps them feel more connected to those they talk to on a daily basis. If you're into that sorta thing, go nuts. It can be healthy. ;-)
me: That's kinda cool.
Robert: Seriously: Yes, as long it's not creepy, this is what people do over time. It's cool. ;-)
me: It's not creepy.
They're telling me about how they hide the trash from their fiancee and stuff
Robert: *chuckles* Neat.
me: Well, if this is normal, I guess I'm going to tell them about Gramma's goiter.
Even though she doesn't have any.
I just don't think they'd appreciate a little sonnet on walking across the grass in the night with my love watching the fireflies rise in slow clouds around us.
I shall ponder this.
Robert: Eh. Well, the question is, what are you trying to convey. Are you trying to convey what you want to say, or what they want to hear?
Assuming you guess correctly what they want to hear, that is.
I say just say what you want, as yourself, and if they don't get it, they don't get it. Are you speaking to speak or to be heard?
me: I'm just attempting to convey back in kind. Which, as you can gauge from this conversation, I dunno how to do.
Robert: *nods* I'm no expert on it, either. :-)
me: I just know that the best response is not "Huh."
Robert: Then talk about funny things, or things most people do, or similar things, and you're cover 90% of the situations.
me: Sweet.
I will complain about work and the economy.
But with you...I shall talk of fireflies. ^_^

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