Tuesday, June 9, 2009

While it is probably of very little interest to you, to me something very exciting happened. I got a new phone!
I am the type of person that can not afford to simply hop to the newest, latest and greatest thing on the market with a bajillion features. I look forward to my "New Every 2" promotion with Verizon with great delight, as it allows me to get a new phone and stumble to keep up with changing trends.
But today? Today I actually got a shiny new phone. Not a Blackberry, as I'd been contemplating... remember the part about being poor? I didn't have $80 a month to cover a data-plan. I got a beautiful maroon EnV3 with a full keyboard and a 3.0 camera. It does other awesome tricks and apparently texting isn't nearly the pain in the ass it is on my long-suffering Krazr.
I am very excited. It will play the music on my SD drive, it can handle a LOT more data, it has a better camera on it (so no more horrible blurry pictures from conventions where I go "see that red dot in the background, that's me laughing at...")
I will love having a full keyboard to type messages on so there's no more stupid typos thanks to txt-thumb. And I will love having a phone that doesn't need to be recharged every 16 hours to keep it from dying even with the expanded battery pack in the back *cough*KRAZR*cough* That should be a lovely change.
I'm just waiting for it to arrive, then begin the painful process of migrating all my apps, ringtones and pictures over to it. Maybe they have a button they can push that automatically transfers everything over. That would be seriously ducky.
Awoke to a monster rainstorm this morning. Thunderstorms don't tend to kick off in the AM but this one did and it was a doozy. It hammered down rain, sparked lightning and roared thunder, even throwing in tray-loads of hail stones on occasion. Somehow I managed to hydroplane up a hill. I would normally think something like that takes a specific skillset but being that I managed it while still in my happy morning haze, I really have to withdraw that. I think I just managed it out of dumb luck with a lot of water rolling down the hill at me.
I'm hoping it continues after I get out of here, as there would be nothing better than building a clubhouse with Bob, popping up some popcorn and watching the storm go over.

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