Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did I do that?

I somehow remembered I needed a more stable tripod than the gorillapod purchased in Akihabara (which has left me desiring an even bigger one, actually, as the one I have is cute and demure, but not good for wrapping around big poles. And that sounded dirty.) and stumbled over to the Amazon site. once there I discovered I had dropped one in to my shopping cart yesterday and opted to wait until I got paid to snag it even though it's an el-cheapo 'pod.
It boggles me that my mind even puts two and two together these days. I'd forgotten it was in there. I'd forgotten that I wanted it until I stumbled across some time lapse shots made with a Nikon and thought "Oh, yeah, I need to get one of those because I can't stand still for an hour like that holding it."
I'm really not sure what happened to my brain that reduced it to pudding, but I do have to say that when I am aware of it, it's rather irritating. Reversing this trend is foremost on my list now.

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