Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slowly Coming Around...

Awoke to a brilliantly flashing thunderstorm at 2:30 am (and still amused my first impulse was to check the clock to see how early in the morning I was being awoken by it). It rumbled and hammered on our roof for a good half hour and put on a glorious light show. The cats, of course, attempted to embed themselves underneath us into the mattress to hide from the scary noises which led to tender bonding moments where we talked quietly until they removed their claws from my back.
Got to snuggle the Bob and watch the light show until it passed away to low rumblings off in the distance, then we both passed out.
Something about the rain made the world seem a bit more -right- this morning, possibly because the clouds made it easier to just see everything and my brain wasn't constantly telling me someone had hijacked the sun and moved it 3 inches to the right as a tremendous practical joke. I could just walk out my front door, briefly mourn the loss of the clover flowers that had dotted our front lawn until someone came through with a lawnmower, then hop in the car and get to work. Early. Again. I'm hoping it'll stay cloudy long enough for my brain to stop "remembering" the sun at a different angle and just accept it when it comes back out. Because very honestly it is annoying to have to constantly go "okay, shaddup, it's not important, at least there's light, okay?" to your own mind. I did begin to wonder about my sanity for a bit.
My family comes next weekend, and I am very excited about this. It's been a bit since anybody's been by to visit and frankly I think the house fairs better when we're forced to clean it up and make it livable for others. I'm hoping to have the shadowbox set up with all the shrine's charms we brought back to display for folks to look at. I'm also wondering if I should try to make Japanese snacks to munch before we go out to dinner or just wuss out and order cheese steaks and fries for everybody and call it good.
Learned, or rather re-learned, of something rather cool today. "Graknitti", or "yarn-bombing" as a social phenomenon.
For a terrific example of it check out the Urban Knitting Page. Some really fun stuff. Or you can look at Yarnbombing. There's other links as well.
I think I don't invoke civil disobedience with acrylic yarn and size 19 knitting needles nearly often enough and might have to pick this up as a hobby. In fact, I should do it just so I can list "yarnbombing" on my resume' for when they finally let me go from this contract position. Then when they ask I can say with a straight face that I take up hooks and needles to fight against the man in our urban landscape and knit "sweaters" for light poles, street signs and public park benches.
Hey, if they can't laugh or aren't intrigued by that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to work there anyway.
The former slow unwinding of the data center is chugging forward at a mighty pace. They decommissioned something like 10 servers in my absence and have gone so far as to take the motivational posters off the wall. I'm guessing they're all about conservation of resources at this point and moved them somewhere with people who will be sticking around and need the motivation for better productivity. Bon chance, poster with surfer guy on a huge wave, may you convince someone to give 110% some day.

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