Thursday, June 11, 2009

Actual Conversation # 65 - Marketability as an Impediment to Creativity, and puppy-bombing.

me: Heh. Mom says "no raw fish, please, other than that we're fine with whatever."
My response: "We were so looking forward to bringing out an Authentic Okinawan Raw Fish Headdress and cutting slices of raw tuna off while dancing in kimono and singing traditional songs while accompanied by the shamisen!"
Sweetie, your "available" is showing...
gru: Hmm?
me: <3<3<3 ^_^
gru: :-)
me: Morning!
gru: And yes, that's cute :-)
me: I now wish there was such a thing as a hat we could cut raw tuna off of while dancing.
Do you think there's a market for that?
gru: Probably in some island nations, sure!
me: Okay. I should work on design specs for that in my downtime today. nods thoughtfully
Oh, btw... puppy bomb!
Cute German Shepherd Puppies at Play!
It's better 'cuz it has Jazz.

I cannot tell you how psyched I am to have "puppy bombing" as a new journal tag. This will get used. A LOT.

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