Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's about that time; PHOTO JOURNAL POST!

The fireflies have graced us with their presence for the year. I caught the brief glimmer of a few brave souls this evening as I looked outside.
I raced to the internet and grabbed some super high-speed black and white film. I'm hoping they do what they did last year and swarm the maple tree in my backyard. I want to do a time-lapse shot of them if I can.
Last night we had a serious thunderstorm, so bad it knocked out the lights. we did the logical thing by popping up popcorn and building a fort, thusly:
It was incredibly comfy, as evidenced by the multitude of pillows and the papasan cushion we laid down in there. After eating popcorn, we played two games of Go!, then disassembled everything after the lights came back on. It was perhaps the most fun we'd had in a long time.
Of course, when you build something that incredibly fun you're going to have some people show up to crash. For instance, this bastard who eats our food and doesn't pay rent and always takes the best part of the couch: you can even see he's totally blase' about the entire thing, taking up the whole papasan cushion so that no one else can comfortably fit in there. What a jerk, huh?
Turns out everything was okay in the long run, though. Eventually he moved to the side and we were able to reclaim the fort en force in a maneuver that would make most generals damned proud. Behold the victorious partying:
We then proceeded to have a good rest of the evening before finally disassembling it and putting it away after the lights returned. It wasn't nearly as fun making the room neat again as it was tearing it apart and cannibalizing the furniture for the purpose of the Uber-fort.
The last few days have actually been very fun. Returning from Japan has reminded us that we can get too caught up in our own little world and that we have to stop and make time to hang out just ourselves without electronic distractions.
Tonight we spent time making dinner and baked it, then shared it. We each got our own pizza crust and toppings and we went nuts making and baking them. Bob went for a double-pepperoni and cheese and I made a chunky mozarella and basil Margherita pizza. They were both utterly delicious and cooked in about 10 minutes. Total prep and cook time was 20, faster and cheaper than it takes to have one delivered. Plus, it was just all kinds of fun to talk and laugh while personalizing things. When we were done I commented on how it actually felt like the food had been nourishing instead of just acting as a stop-gap for hunger...something I often feel with American food, honestly. I didn't feel that at any point in Japan unless they were attempting Western-style food. With the glorious acception of Chris's brisket on Okinawa!
Tomorrow is more fun with Date Night. We plan on sharing a milkshake at Cheeburger Cheeburger and taking care of a few things for our soon-to-be-visitors.
I like this turn of events in how we do things since we've been back. :)

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