Monday, June 1, 2009

Actual Conversation # 61: Learning new words and putting them to immediate use.

me: Okay, so in Kyoto they have a bread and pastry shop that advertises
And their catchline is "a taste of the bread"
talula: no way
me: ....mostly good English.
talula: ok
me: ANYWAY...
I told Bob about my desire for biscuits.
And he says... know what YOU need...
....taste of the bread.
And I was like.... 0_o
talula: ehhehe
me: *laughing*
There was a donut there that said "We are pleased to offer fine tasting and premium item for you"
talula: item
me: I looked at him and was like "I've never had a fine tasting AND premium donut before"
talula: hehehhe
me: Engrish is awesome.
talula: hahahah
me: We should've taken more pictures.
talula: yeah
didn't you take alot?
me: WE did, but not of the bad engrish.
Like this T-shirt I saw that said "Love planet"
I'm trying to figure out if that was a title or an order.
talula: hahahha
me: Oh oh oh!
This one... blew me away...
"I have a jenky switch in my head and it goes flip flip flip"
It got stuck in my head... it was prompting me to use "jenky" but I didn't know what it meant...
(It now occurs to me in a country of non-English speakers I could've just said anything. Heh.)
But that whole time I was like... Is ~that~ jenky?
~Is that thing over THERE jenky?
Are polkadots involved?
talula: hahahhahahha
i haveno idea
maybe it's anal beads
me: According to the urban dictionary it means "ghetto" or "crap"
Which reminds me...
Okay, I'm not going to call judgement on this, I'm just going to say the stewardess was African American.
But she was pulling a bag behind her.
The wheels on her bags had rims.
talula: whoa
me: And the rims had LEDs that flashed red and blue.
That's some jenky shit.
talula: no way
me: *laughing*
talula: interesting.. the things you see when you travel

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