Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nostradamus might have an idea....

Ahmadinejad will be the one in the middle east who starts the 3rd world war.

I had a great weekend with my family, but when I returned to the internet today I saw Iran in flames and blood. It's hard to blog about the wonder of watching my young niece explore new places and things when I know there are people who could get in serious trouble or be badly hurt for having that level of free speech there. It hurts to see what they go through, and to stand here and not know what I can do to help. When I can, I've tried to help by retweeting safe IPs and ports for people to sneak their video and reports out of when they can. Maybe somebody manages to get something out for the world to see because of it, maybe not. But it's the only thing I can think of to do to help.

I've managed to bang my toe well enough to probably fracture it, but the best part is that in favoring it I'm shuffling my feet and managed to kick at least 3 other things with it since then, resulting in a sharp and not-fun pain each time. I hate that I'll have to stay still for the next little bit, but it's better than the constant shooting, angry pain.

The fireflies were very quiet tonight, didn't make for such great photography. Maybe when it's a bit drier they'll come out more in full force. I mentioned something about thinking perhaps some of them had drowned in the downpour, Bob was quick to point out that most likely there just weren't a whole lot of them out yet (although they were out en force two days ago before the torrential rains we had.) I love him for wanting to comfort me that my favorite small, magical insects weren't hurt or dying.

I enjoyed having my family here, sad to see them leave, but really glad we had such fun. Watching Mom and Bob try to outsmart each other over who paid the bill was rather amusing, but I'm glad it's done for now because it would've gotten ugly had it gone down one more time.
Ella was fun to see and spoil. We ended up sending Dolce home with her courtesy of a well-placed hand covered in peanut butter and ordered another. I'm hoping their similar enough in feel that I won't notice it every time I use the new one for a pillow. I'm really happy she likes it so much, though. We'd been wondering when would be a good time to get her one, and seeing as she took to that thing immediately, that answered the question. I hope it brings her lots of enjoyment...along with that mini tambourine we got her, and the markers.
It occurs to me I just provided her with quite a few implements of destruction when she gets home. Oops. Not my intention, I'm hoping my bro and SIL realize that.

Listening to the tick-tock of the new-to-me mantle clock my Mom passed along to me. It's a comforting noise, not in the least bit mechanical. It reminds me of homework in high school, hearing that in the background in the evenings. It's enough to make someone very least until that "unique" gong goes off on the hour. It just struck 13 o'clock at 11...I'm a bit worried for it...

I think it's time to go to bed. Finally sleepy, I blame the wakefulness on the delicious and huge serving of gyokuro I had this afternoon. It's wonderful tea. I'm glad we got to have it.

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