Monday, June 8, 2009

RIP Caine...

A final thought before oblivion and bedtime... this weekend in honor of David Carradine's passing Bob and I obtained a great deal of sake and sat down to watch Circle of Iron together.
We MST3K'd it a bit, as it was a B-grade movie from the 70's and required it.But for the most part I enjoyed it, I think he enjoyed it, and as tends to happen when I watch my inspirational movie set, a bit more of the overall and deeper meaning crept out between the bad acting and the oddly segueing background music.
I thought it was a fitting personal wake for the guy. After all, he's a small part of the reason I got in to this whole "Buddhism" thing. The man needed a proper seeing-off on the 3rd day after his demise, and so we did it.
Felt right to do. That's the most important thing I can say. :)
Sleep beckons seductively...

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