Monday, June 8, 2009

Of course you never doubted me...

So this might come as a surprise to some of you but I am actually NOT nuts.
I went outside at roughly the same time one morning at the end of last week and looked out to the left. The sun was coming up. Realizing this was a great opportunity to see if the sun was, in fact, at a different angle I took note of where it was rising from, standing in a very specific spot.
Upon arrival at work I looked up a few photos I'd taken a bit before we left for Japan. In one I was standing on the driveway photographing the sun rise.
Guess what? It was coming up in a different location in that picture than from where I'd seen this morning. Little to the left now, the sun was.
So for some reason I became hyper-sensitive to the changes I was going through and took special note of the fact that the sun was coming up earlier and slightly more to the left each day... except I hadn't been here for 2 weeks to get used to the gradual change, I just came home and it was a lot further to the left than previously.
So... if that's more than you ever wanted to know about conspiracy theories and me not being nuts, you're welcome. I thrive on giving people more info than they need, as they will probably make use of the excess in the future at some point!
It feels good to be able to explain something like that. I calmed down measurably upon that realization.
Bob rendered what can only be termed a "sublime and wonderful" bowl of oyako-don yesterday evening. Even with the few mistakes we made in reading through everything, it was undeniably the dish we thought we might've left in Japan. It was subtly flavored, sweet, with soft scrambled eggs and chicken and the lovely touch of dashi, soy and onion that balanced it out. With an extra egg or two we could've easily fed four people on that mixture and had everyone be full. I will be sure to prod him in the future to make sure he doesn't get out of practice and may, in fact, get a chance to perfect this art based on how many times we have it. I'd love to be the person that helps him practice that a whole bunch. I'm a giver.
A misjudgement on how much rice we could actually eat, however, ate up the rice I was going to use to make onigiri. Which is fine, really. I wanted to do tamago in them, or salmon and mayo, and I had neither prepared. So that's a snack for another night. I'm pondering making some for the fam-damily to sample when they come. I think they would really like it.
Bob had a point, in that onigiri are fast and delicious (also, they could be nutritious as well) and it didn't make any sense why they hadn't become more popular, or why there wasn't a place to sell them where there were high Asian populations. I agree. Why is that, Asian population? Open an onigiri bar where you can order 4 different kinds on a little lacquer tray and have beer and/or sake with them, the hipsters would go freakin' INSANE and hang out at the place just to seem avant-garde. It's an untapped market and you need to get on that stat. Or if you don't and I suddenly have a windfall, I might take care of it for you guys.
We also acquired a tamago pan, having had so many good and varied experiences with it while within the Land of the Rising Sun that it seemed a shame not to have a way to make it upon return home... especially since we both loved the taste. It has not been test-driven yet but I suspect that'll be forthcoming shortly if for no other reason than I would rather try to make tamagoyaki than do my homework this week.
Had an odd sort of amnesia come over me this weekend. Had a list of things to do, started doing them... then somewhere around Saturday afternoon forgot what I needed to do and forgot where the list was. As soon as I got in to work this morning I remembered precisely what I'd forgotten and how much time I'd spent wandering around the wastelands of the internet instead of things like folding laundry and was deeply disappointed in myself. I still feel a touch "off", like my mind isn't all the way back here yet. Or maybe I was always this way and because I'm on hyper-observant mode it's making itself known. Either way, I've started taking copious notes and making lists to remember because I don't trust my brain to recall anything until I stumble across something and a vague association hauls it up from the muck and muddy waters of my consciousness right now. That ain't a good system.
Looking forward to the family being here. Trying to figure out what to do/eat/pull out for entertainment. Trying to figure out if they'd be impressed/delighted with tea from Kyoto, or mochi snacks, or shredded dried squid... you know, the usual.
It occurs to me that I don't even remember what "normal" people have in their pantries as snacks and such. Maybe we need to buy potato chips or something...?
As Mondays go, this is not a bad one. I just wish my head had been more atop my shoulders. Now to go home and have leftovers from the weekend, possibly make onigiri, and tidy up so the mades don't freak out and just vaccuum for fear of getting something contagious on themselves if they try to move anything.

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