Thursday, June 18, 2009

*que U2 song here*

Discovered a direct correlation between how much gets done in an evening and the time at which the TV comes on. Because shortly after the TV came on and my laptop was turned on, my productivity stopped.
I'm going to start holding off on touching the laptop or TV until after 8 and see just how much I blaze through in those 2.5 hours after I get home.
Shot the last frame of my 3200 speed b&w film last night. We shall see how it turns out, if at all. My final exposure was on the ground facing a different direction and exposed for only 10 minutes. If it didn't catch the fireflies, I'll be interested to see what it makes the landscape look like, as I had only very faint ambient light coming from the streetlights out front and a few living room windows to light the thing (and none of those were in frame). I'm worried I"ll have 12 shots of utterly mediocre stuff but hey... it was a Holga. They're known as lo-tech for a reason.
Awoke to a frog-choker rain which apparently inspired my artwork. The fact that I had artwork at all was a bit of a surprise but my mind is pretty much insisting I produce some things. It's that wonderful fiery beckoning that calls from deep in the back of one's head, singing about how you utterly need to pick up a pencil and begin a sketch. I'm told it's similar to what addicts go through when they haven't had their afternoon fix. I'm in that.
It's nice to be drawing again. I'm also noting I'm far more awake today than I was previously. Maybe I kicked some weird energetic/motivational blockage out of my system and we're going to be going crazy again as we once did. I would LOVE that, personally.
The boss was nice enough to buy us pizza for lunch... the good brick-over kind from a local hole in the wall. I enjoyed the taste but now my stomach is informing me it does not enjoy the contents. So for now I think we're cutting back on the processed flour and cheese bits of our usual diet. More rice and gentle protein for this tummy.
It's a good day even though it's been rainy and gray for most of it. It is date night, and we have plans to talk about gardening and other things. I like how this day seems to be going.

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