Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wait, what day is it again?

Email sent to my entire family today, possibly the best one I have done to date:
I wanted to let everybody know that after quite a bit of thought and contemplation that I have decided not to continue my education in computer sciences. After a long forray in to exploring and working with them I have found on a whole for it to be too commercialized to offer an authentic and fulfilling career for me.

In rejecting this road of employment, I was then forced to look around and think hard on what would give me enjoyment, challenge me, and lead to a fulfilling career. To that end after making several phone calls and attending several classes, I have decided to go in to the performing arts and engage heavily in interpretive dance.

I was able to get in to a rather prestigious school in Melbourne, and will be packing up tonight to head out and begin. I look forward to this new journey in my life and for the chance to perform for all of you after my dance internship is up in 6 months.

Love you all,


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