Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm watching the dollar drop against the yen the closer we get to the trip and getting seriously depressed. Right at this moment it takes 98 Yen to make a dollar. I would really, really like that number to be at least 100. Life would be a lot easier if we could count on not suddenly being minus $200+ by virtue of a market dive while we are overseas. That's the difference between having protein in a meal and eating at the seven eleven, ya know? That's been bugging me for quite a few days, especially since it was up around 100 not a week ago now.... man.... I really don't want to have to worry about the machinations of our economy while I'm trying to relax on a vacations...
I'm also watching the calendar days drop away and noting in surprise that I'm not hyper-excited about the approach of my birthday. This is highly unusual. I guess after the huge blowout that was my 30th and the impending Fucking Awesome Trip to Japan, my birthday no longer really rates. Maybe it's about time. Too many years of BFs goofing up cakes (present companion IS excluded) and sort of...not...quite... doing it right. I think after last year's, there's just nothing more to want. So I'm looking forward to strawberry shortcake and flying a kite. And making sun pictures.
Oh, we DID grab tickets to a wine tasting and jazz fest at the Longwood gardens for May 2nd, though. It's ~sort of~ birthday-ish. Maybe I can talk them in to a little more wine?? Either way, it should be awesome and I'll have all my little cameras with me to document like crazy, and Jazz in the air to accompany our feet on the grass. It's exciting to think about! But... not really a birthday thing. :)
I'm waiting on my Holga. Still. Yeah. It's probably not as long a wait as I am imagining it to be, but it would seem to me that it is made worse from the fact that it is coming from a small island nation in a large ocean that I can't see unless I turn the globe backwards. This is creating agitation within me.
On the plus side all of the filters I ordered for the N80 have shown up, and I get to play with cheap macro photography options for a bit. I'm looking forward to that. I always ~did~ want to catch the hairs on the back of a bumble bee as it paws it's way through pollen. And the insides of flowers and such. I'm pretty sure those images are a prerequisite to having a portfolio and calling yourself a "photographer".
Of course, I say this tongue in cheek, but you know I'm headed home tonight to try that out.
It is date night, and for date night we have decided to cook together and stay home instead of going out. The original focus was to spend time together, not to go out constantly and eat. I'm feeling unbalanced anyway, and would like the opportunity to enjoy something less greasy and better for me. I'm kind of excited. That, and having all my homework done (I AM DYING FROM XML HOMEWORK)leaves me room to relax for a day. I need it. It's been NUTS.
I still don't exactly understand how to rig up a DTD, but we'll go with it.
No necessary schoolwork, early sleep, AND romantic shared cooking. Even if the Holga doesn't show up (or my shiny Oktomat), it is assured to be a really good evening. I am so ready for one.

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