Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Actual Conversation # 50 - wherein naming conventions in regards to types of airborn photographic apparatus are discussed.

I am proud this is #50 on these.

me: *looks around for her rally buddy who has gone missing*
gru: wandered off for a bit RALLY! *shakes pom-poms*
me: You have pom poms???
Can we have a rally kite?
gru: Sure!
me: Can it be purple and blue?
grudan523: Yup!
me: Yay! Rally kite buddies!
gru: That's us! *flies the kite*
me: We could do kite photography!
Proof that we rally
gru: Rally proof! I like it!
me: :)
me: Berkeley. I just saw that. And I"m not even remotely surprised.
gru: Ohhh, so the camera is on the kite? Instead of taking pictures of kites. I got it now.
me: Yeah!
Kite photography!
As opposed to...
Well...aerial photography does not involve TV antennas, so...
We have a bit of an inconsistency in our naming conventions here.
gru: I suppose so. But now we know what we mean so it works!
me: Yup!
me: photographyAirborne_ofkites
gru: 'floatingCameraAvecString'
me: LOL!!!
gru: :-)

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