Friday, April 3, 2009

When life doesn't happen the way you were planning for it to go, but manages to pull one out in spite of things, that's pretty awesome.
We had intended for a while to go to Coyote Crossing on one of our date nights. Deciding to give it a shot last night, we saddled up and made for West Chester. However, upon arrival we noted that the doors were unusually locked and the lights VERY out. In the window was signs advertising for waiters and hostesses.
Now... we live in the computer age. The internet is out there and available to anybody who wants it. Also available for anybody who wants to put ~information~ up on it. So when you don't update a website that has a ton of flash animations and multi-media (complete with the douchebaggery of some funky beat-music to try and appeal to the 20-something crowd) to let folks know that YOU AREN'T OPEN... that's just very poor business sense.
So instead, we drifted up the street to a place called Limoncello. It was an Italian restaurant, and as seems to be our want, we accidentally engaged in some fine dining.
The restaurant was cute, a bit quaint, with very friendly staff and very potent alcohol. The food was fantastic, and if we don't go back there for dinner again, it will be a damned crime.
I would like to personally recommend the sacchetti pasta, it was wonderful. Bob had salmon stuffed with cheese and spinach, and it was delicious as well.
Also, their tiramisu is utterly wonderful and exactly the way tiramisu should taste. I haven't come across a place that could do that in many, many moons.
At the end of the meal they offered us shots of limoncello for digestion, and while it probably didn't really help the raging buzz in my head, it WAS very good stuff and made me remember why I liked the stuff. We walked out of there -I slouched and commented on how tough it was to raise my feet suddenly after that many drinks- and headed home.
Fascinating to go from being so damned irritated about a closed place to being so pleased with a complete surprise. From this I am taking away that attempting to control the future with your expectations is stupid... because you could be potentially closing yourself off from something better. It surpasses the "glass is half full" mentality and goes right on to "Who needs the glass? There's a hose right over there"
I like it.

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