Sunday, April 26, 2009

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it would appear that my computer is dead again. That's the second time in 6 weeks. I'm angry beyond words, but I'm also incredibly, incredibly sad. Sad to the point of having lost all of my energy, and not wanting to do anything. Sad to the point of depressed and laying on the couch staring at the ceiling.
The last thing I needed was to take a hit like this so close to vacation, when finances were going to be a bit tight. Now I get to buy a new power supply to get the machine up in running that we JUST frickin' paid to get up and running. I did all of that restore-work and everything... for not.
I guess it's good I have a laptop for these things.
It is very difficult to describe the depths to which I am unhappy at this development, however. Amusing that I could have such a wonderful day yesterday with the sun and the frogs singing by the pond, and getting the Holga finally... only to haveis happen. I would've loved to have carried that a little longer than a few short hours. Thanks, Universe.

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