Friday, April 17, 2009

Turn of Phrase.

I swear to god, my new battle cry is "I kill you on your face!!1!" (the one will be spoken aloud.)

In other news, I've gotten in the habit of saying "Amen!" whenever someone says something ironic or true in general. Not sure where I picked it up, but I'm going to keep monitoring it to see when it goes away again. It's odd in that I'm not devoutly Christian, nor have I been in the South lately where they use that as a means of signalling agreement with everything.
If I add other odd phrases on to it that aren't mine, like "Well goooood night!" (traditional used in the South as a replacement for HOLY SHIT!!!1! -one remaining unspoken-) there will be a more in-depth investigation as to where and why I picked this stuff up. It's like the time I started praising people for following my directions over the telephone by saying it was all "fantastic". It wasn't fantastic. They just managed to listen to me tell them how to turn their modem on, but you know what? Didn't stop me from saying it. That went on for two months.

I think I've lived so many places and worked so hard to pick up the local parlance in each that I actually float in limbo surrounded by a cloud of phrases and sayings that can be plucked at random and assembled in to a sentence that best reaches the mind and comprehension of the one I'm speaking to. But I, personally, have no native tongue to speak of.
That begs the question... does anybody? Or do they just sit in what they're accustomed to and recycle it over and over again? Interesting to think on...

As and aside, I'm very happy that blogger decided to stop freaking out and duplicating and/or deleting my posts randomly. It was getting irritating. And I MUST say thank you for eating an entire post on Holga cameras. Because, really, I didn't want to post that after typing for an hour. Nope. That's just dandy. Grrr.


Unknown said...

Yall want some sweet tea with thaaat, sugar?

Red said...

You've actually heard them say "some" in that sentence?