Saturday, April 25, 2009

<3 Holga <3

Here it is, the thing I've been whining about for the better part of two weeks.

My totally awesome bright red Holga! I've already been over it and taken it apart twice to see what adjustments need to be done. It should be a ton of fun to make the small tweaks. Despite having it in hand, and having the film as well, I'm determined not to actually photograph anything with it until I've prepped the inside and smoothed the edges with gaffers tape, as is suggested by multiple sources. But once that's done believe you me... I'm gonna go crazy with it! I cannot WAIT.
I actually hugged it and squeed when it showed up. I am THAT excited. :D
Sadly, the Oktomat I purchased doesn't fire but 2 of the 8 lenses and doesn't spool or wind film properly. The seller was nice enough to give me a refund, thankfully. But I won't be getting one for half price as I originally thought. Given the twitchy nature of a toy camera, I should get it from the manufacturer just in case this repeats itself.

Anyway, I have something really cool for a shadowbox!
When i get one of these working I look forward to taking lots of happy little 8-block images. Best part? It uses 35mm film, so no special spooling, no craziness with special formats or development processes. Just slap a standard roll in and go.
Oh, and yes, that's my latest knitting project to the left. Yoga socks. That yarn ROCKS. And photographic evidence of my cat actually behaving himself, since it's so rarely seen. I like the photo, personally.
Anyway, a fair warning now that if you're near me over the next little bit, you WILL be subjected to Helen's Crazy Photography Kick and I appreciate your cooperation ahead of time!
I also got the macro lenses for the Nikon in the mail and a beautifully marked stink bug obliged with his presence on my computer speaker this morning, letting me test them out. They're seriously badass. I can't wait to get some flower-action with the higher magnification lenses! I also can't wait to try out the fisheye and pinhole lenses I'll be snagging for it. It's great to be excited about something again.
That being said, I'm in the middle of torturing myself with really bad Sci Fi movies (Scariest Night of Television my ASS...unless you're referring to the acting) and I should get back to that and being confused by my XML homework.
But I couldn't be more happy. It feels familiar just to hold it, and I can see this becoming a serious obsession in teh future.

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