Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Actual Conversation # 55 - where the maleable nature of the future is touched on.

gru:Okay, scheduling discussion. There's a guild thing I'd like to do on Friday. If I don't play tonight or tomorrow (date night) you cool with me playing after Friday when we get home from dinner?
me: Sure
gru: ((I'm assuming my parents won't want to stay to chat since it's past their bedtime. If they do, then of course I won't ditch you))
me: I will play Flower. Or possibly Portal: Still Alive.
gru: You got it?
me: Not yet. But... you know, it's one of those things about the future and being able to put stuff in to it that could happen. I seriously dig that feature.
gru: chuckles
me: Also, I now have $15.

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