Thursday, April 2, 2009

Actual Conversation # 52 - on the topic of video games and how one segues in to another

me: I had that as my trump card in case you decided to have a meaningful discussion on this.
Instead, I will spam you with this:
Because you will enjoy it
grudan523: *laughs* Nice
me: tunnel snakes RULE!
grudan523: sigh Now I want to play again :-)
Eh, it'll pass. I got enough going on. I'm enjoying doing Silent Hill with you. :-)
me: Yes.
Beating vagina-headed toothed monsters with a pipe is not Freudian.
grudan523: ..... why you gotta psychoanalyze it?
me: It's Japanese. You don't even have to bother to analyze it. It's pretty obvious.
The only way it could be more obvious was if you had to grease up the pipe each time before you beat them.
And he walked around with it in his pocket.
grudan523: Do we even want to talk about the fact the first one was in his mother's basement?
me: I figured that was part of the "secret".
grudan523: true
me: I mean, his Dad was apparently down there a lot.
Maybe he figured out how to avoid the teeth?
If you watch how they move, I mean...the height and all's perfect.
grudan523: I'm....I'm not talking about this's creepier than the game.
me: You never thought about the nurses that way?
I mean, if you get the knife away from them and turned the lights out... they'd stay pretty still....
grudan523: turning the lights out! Ever!
me: Not even if you just saved?
grudan523: Nope, it's a rule.
me: Your rule?
grudan523: I prefer to think of it as a universal rule that's wise to follow. Sort of like 'keep breathing'. Technically you don't HAVE to,'s a good idea.

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