Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Simple and romantic." - How to Send a Message in a Bottle

How I did it: I've often thought that there is not enough magic in the world, not enough sacredness and random serendipity. To that end I decided I would help spread a bit of it by throwing a bottle in to the ocean and seeing if someone might be able to experience a bit of this.

I had on hand a bottle that had been used to hold rosemary vinegar that smelled wonderful. I wrote on a piece of paper in waterproof ink (I expect the bottle to leak a little bit) and shoved it down in to the bottle so it wedged there tightly. That way if the cork or the wax I later dripped over the top to seal the whole thing up managed to come off, it wouldn't move and might yet survive being washed up on to a beach.

Then this evening my husband and I walked as far out on a pier as we could get in Boston. It happened to be behind the New England Aquarium, and nobody was around. It was ferociously windy and the sea was on its way out, so I wound up and chucked it as far as possible from the pier. It took off the second it hit the waves, disappearing after 3 minutes in the waves and chop.

I hope it finds its way to someone who needs the words inside.

After we get home, we'll be making a donation to Clean Oceans, an organization that works to keep oceans and bays clean around the world for wildlife.

Lessons & tips: ~Use a glass bottle or a biodegradable bottle(apparently available in Europe), as there's enough plastic already in the ocean.

~it is better to be somewhere that a lot of people are not. You're less likely to have people giving you crap for throwing something in to the water, especially if you're not from there.

~be somewhere that tide and waves won't bring it immediately back to shore, unless you're impatient and really need someone to find it quickly. A pier far out past the beach or shore would be perfect, or off the side of a ferry boat mid-bay or harbor would be perfect.

~If you can write it with waterproof ink, do it. If you have waterproof paper, use that and write on it with a pencil. That will keep as well. If neither are available, wrap it in a plastic ziploc bag and slip it down inside.

~When done, continue the good feelings by either volunteering to clean up a beach or make a donation to an organization to clean the oceans up.

Resources: - if you'd rather send words via twitter then put a bottle in the ocean.

It made me feel - romantic :D

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