Monday, March 8, 2010

A Roundup of...Junk, Really.

It's International Women's Day. How'd I miss that?? All attempts to reach the website are in vain, as apparently the rest of the world caught on about the same time I did and their server is choking on all of us. There's some sort of metaphor in that, but out of respect for the day I will just quietly let that thought...die.
Either way I'm entirely unsure how to go about celebrating. I just told Bob to cuddle me and be grateful I am an International Woman and this is my day.
Did my jogging, and I feel tired, a touch sore, and very happy. No crazy foot cramps like last time, and having walked around Longwood Gardens in the same set of sneakers yesterday to break them in I no longer fear intense, shooting pain that keeps me from completing the exercise. I imagine it'll stretch out more as I keep running, doing yoga, and going in for massage. I just wish I could dump the podcasts on an iPod and jog instead of moving my laptop over there. it's just clunky and runs the risk of me getting distracted with email and other things - like I did this morning.
After the intense bout of fear I had at playing Left 4 Dead with Bob the other day I found myself amused and surprised that I didn't have nightmares about it all night. Apparently my brain was so exhausted it had better things to do until this morning. I accidentally fell back to sleep and dreamt I was with friends in some city in Canada....and there were zombies. I guess my subconscious just hadn't purged it yet and wanted to take the opportunity.
Lunch has become my favorite... mini pita sandwiches with hummus, or mayo, and sliced tomato and avocado. I always feel good after eating them. A touch of the Mexican rice from last night just to vary it up a bit. I think I'll be using some of what's left for Bob's bento lunch for tomorrow!
I had some other great, insightful thing to babble about (maybe the Orchid Extravaganza at Longwood Gardens...?) It was beautiful and so much fun, I'm glad we got to go. I don't think I have it in me to do a writeup. Instead, I'll just post one of my favorite pictures from the entire endeavor. Enjoy.

I'd like to add, proudly, that this was taken with my cell phone camera, as were all the other images from that day posted on Photobucket. The others were taken via Holga and Diana, and will be developed and scanned later.

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