Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pill Poppin

Obtained medication for treating diabetes I don't have yet, and hormone problems that I do. Yaz and Metformin are right now coursing through my veins, making me less of an androgen-laden thug and more feminine with each second.
In fact, I proudly told my husband when we got home "my boobs are probably gonna get bigger now". He had no comment in response, but did not signal displeasure at the idea, either.
it feels good to finally be starting in on this issue. I know it's been bugging me for quite some time, and perhaps I'll start to notice subtle and wonderful things occuring in my body as we continue.
I am, most of all and quite bluntly, thrilled that I will no longer be constantly and uninteruptedly gushing blood in a feminine manner. That iron can be used for other things, like building muscle when I exercise.
I am excited in that low-level buzzing way that one gets when they know they're a long way off from a cool destination or project....but excited nevertheless.

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