Friday, March 12, 2010


Another damned footcramp! On the left again, too… I know it’s not the shoes, as I’ve run in them without cramps before.
I noted after I got off the treadmill my left calf was amazingly stiff and tight, so my guess is that’s where the problem comes from.
I’m ticked off. I did yoga this morning to stretch everything out, I stretched besides that, and I had a massage yesterday. I shouldn’t be getting tight!
Going to try to finish this up tomorrow because it felt awesome right up until the stupid cramping.
I’m enjoying Nicole’s podcast for this. I like that the music changes to queue you in, it isn’t just a soft voice-over like with one of the other podcasts (I missed 3 transitions because the music drowned out her voice on that one!) Also the bass cuts in over the music even on my crappy laptop speakers, so when the deep voice starts the countdown, I can tell. I felt far less adrift this time.
Ah well… I only got 10 minutes total treadmill time, including 4 minutes of warm-up walk before I was in a lot of pain.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll try it again after drinking a ton of water and spending some of the evening in a bubble bath.

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