Monday, March 8, 2010

Deserving a Chance to Hit the Ground Running.

I'm going to pimp another art project here that I've come across via the vast and fertile interwebs: F*X*T, a magazine of comic artists and graphic artists in general. It has the lofty and honorable goal of publishing new and upcoming talent to be seen when they might not otherwise get a chance.
Independant art sets the bar high for what is possible, and often steps outside what is acceptable. It doesn't care about popular, it just wants to be. And to that end I made a donation to get it off the ground. If you've ever loved a graphic novel or hated that your favorite indie artist couldn't get face time, then perhaps this is the project to throw your spare nickels at in the meantime.
As an amusing side note, that 50 cents tacked on the end was me being a smartass in the donation field. I didn't think it would actually take it. Hmm... someone care to donate a $1.50 and round that out?

If I hit the lottery this week, I'd give it the extra $6,000 needed to get started as my first of many acts of philanthropy.

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