Friday, March 19, 2010

Praise from Caesar

I passed my last class with a B... not bad, an 85% is acceptable and given the difficulty of trying to slam through some serious C++ techniques in a few short weeks, I feel I did a pretty good job.

But I think what made me most satisfied with the work I managed was the comment left on my individual assignment. I couldn't get the main program to work, so instead I fell back and did the alternative assignment of submitting only the SQL setup that the C++ program was supposed to connect to. It meant I could only get a maximum of 8 points out of the 10, and I would be taking a hit to my overall grade. But the professor seemed to realize he was asking a lot of us, and included this short note in the following:

"Excellent job on this SQL code. I know that I said that the Alternate assignment
was only worth 8 points, but I went ahead and gave you 9 because you did such
an extensive job on it. Very nice work. Enjoy the game, you've earned it :)"

The game he refers to is God of War III, which I told him I was attending the midnight release for as a means to blow off steam. It had been difficult, but I had loved the challenge and told him so. I wish we'd had more time to work on things and flesh them out a bit more deeply, in fact.

I love that I managed a 9 out of 8 on a project, though, because I went to town on the SQL and made it impeccable, since that was what I could handle. It felt good to have the effort noted and appreciated.

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