Friday, March 5, 2010

Actual Conversation #89 - the dangers of traveling abroad and mutating virus strains strikes home.

me:I told her that because we are an awesomely dynamic duo I make no decisions without activating the wonder twin powers, and thus I would consult with you about the feasibility of this plan and/or any other ideas you might have.
You can pretend you're sick at home and play video games if you'd like. I think that would be the best possible outcome for the Bob contingent in this plan. :d
gru: I see no problems with this plan at all. I endorse this. :-)
me: Alrighty.
You have the HIV. That's the story we're going with.
So you have to stay at home with a nebulizer.
And take steroids.
or something.
And there's a morphine drip and a nurse.......
gru: Okay. Did I get it from a panda or a monkey or what? Just in case they ask.
me: ......oh, panda. We were in Japan, after all.
gru: Tru.dat
me: Latent Panda HIV.
gru: Sneaky bastard of the HIV universe
It lies in wait then pwns your bamboo
me: Yup. It's triggered by stir fries.
gru: If only I had seen that after school special. I might still be alive today.
me: I miss you so much. I wish you hadn't died of the Panda HIV, sweetie.
gru: Good talk, Helen. Good talk.
me: :D

(a special side note... when you see "HIV", it was actually being pronounced "Hiihhvvvvuh" in my mind, so you have the full and ridiculous affect. As always, I am your public servant.)

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