Friday, July 24, 2009

Week's Roundup.

My everlasting claim to fame will be as "that chick that created Holga Blog's fave-icon and their Twitter profile pic."
I'm actually rather proud of it. If you go to the website and check out either their browser tab or the icon next to their URL in the address bar, you'll be able to see my work. It's very tiny, yet detailed enough that you can tell that's a Holga. Only 16 square pixels to work with too, folks. Ta-DAH!
I went on after that to continue to play with the favicon generator and created an 8-spoked Dharma wheel with accents and a Companion Cube a la Portal. It is possibly the most successful art-day I've had in a while.
I don't think I wrote about this yet, so I will and it'll be the last time. My Keyboard Cat did NOT win the G4 art contest. It did make it to round 2 (and it was on the wall in a quick video clip they did on Wednesday, so I was excited to see that it had been seen)
In a further bit o' awesomeness, however, the staff at G4 was so impressed with what they received that they're sending the entries to Meltdown Comics in L.A. to be on display for the week there. From there I'm hoping they make their way to the Kitten Rescue and collect a ton of money for those folks. My main goal was to make people grin and smile when they saw it, and help out homeless kitties. I think I've satisfied those two goals, and I can now let the artwork go in to the ether and continue on it's journey, wherever it ends up. (Although part of me would like to know who loves it enough to take it home, but that's probably just the ego talking.)

A quick shot of some Vintage Camera Pr0n. A quick click will show you a wall of awesome images from film's earlier days. I love the arcane, scientific look of them, it comes across as very steampunk AND architectural. Just go look. You might recognize some of them from your childhood! I just dig looking at them, personally.

This coming week is my last week at SPX. It's obvious that they are not thrilled with having to let me go, and are doing all in their power to help me get a new position elsewhere. I'm grateful. It's sort of become my idiom to go in to a place that is in the midst of flux and riding it out until it's done. Then I move on. It's always been the way of things, really, since I joined the workforce. I helped close down Earthlink, I rode out the contract for the state Medicare hotline until it was done, then I moved to Sprint until it became Embarq. Shortly after I departed because their policies changed and they started using words like "India" and "rigid sales quota". This is just an extension of all of that endy-ness. There's other instances outside of work, like being the last person to have dinner in a restaurant closing, the last to shop somewhere, the last to travel somewhere before it's closed, cut down or paved over forever. If it's anybody's "thing" to look change in the face as it's happening, it's mine. I ride the crest of it like a 13 year old on a boogie-board.
I plan on getting a cake to say thank you and sending out an email to everyone on Thursday to thank them for making it such a wonderful place to work at. I got to really build relationships and trust up with these people and it's my sincere hope that I can come in to a place like that again in my next job.
After this I would hate to go to another call center with rapid-fire phone calls coming in from people I would talk to for 10 minutes and then never hear from again. It would also drain me entirely. I don't know how I would handle that again and also manage school competently. But we'll see. Something unique might be in the wings for me and I shouldn't start deciding what's ahead of me just yet.
I'm looking forward to the chance to relax and focus on the Java coding that I'm in now. It'll allow me personal time to develop programs on the side and help me see how everything fits together neatly. I am looking forward to it a bit.

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