Friday, July 10, 2009

Lols and Cats, but not together!

Bit embarrassed to admit I laughed at this and THEN put it in my feed but Why Women Hate Men and Psychotic Letters From Men are hilarious. And unfortunately thanks to my past relations with the male of the species, I relate on waaay too many levels. When I came across a post about a girl who was stalked by someone in WoW and sent emails and texts and things, I gave an involuntary shudder based on how close to home it hit.
I felt a sort of kinship for all the times I'd dealt with awkwardness, with people wanting power in a situation, with people deluding themselves in to thinking "no" wasn't really serious... and I was a bit ashamed to realize what a withe in the wind I'd been in the past, hoping the storm would blow over instead of standing up to it and saying no and leave me the fuck alone. Except I did. Or I've started to. I do sometimes still want to be nice and let people step on me in response.
But I stuck up for myself finally, with the support of friends, family, and my loving fiance who at that time was just a really good friend on the other side of the computer screen.
Is it mean that I get amusement from reading about poor interaction between human beings? Possibly not, because it wouldn't be if I couldn't relate on some level, either to the awkwardness or the illogical nature of it all. I guess my argument is that I laugh with understanding.

As an aside, I got up the bravery to drop Keyboard Cat in the mail this afternoon. I sent him express mail to be sure he'd get there by Monday. At this point it's all a lesson in letting go of something. Someone might fall madly in love with it and I have done what I originally intended to do, which is to share my love of cats and my inspiration to make someone's day.
But man, I love that piece of artwork. And it would be a huge, fat lie if I didn't admit I was shaking badly when I mailed it off, or a little misty-eyed that I might not see it again.
I am sitting here now taking the rosey-glasses view of things. They'll like the picture, and if it doesn't win it'll go to that kitty shelter to be auctioned off for charity, where hopefully it will bring them in enough money to buy a bag or 5 of kibble for animals that might otherwise die of starvation or disease.
I'm okay with that. Mostly.
If they do that auction online, though, I'm totally gonna bid on my own picture. Hopefully taht's allowed.

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