Monday, July 20, 2009

More Toy Camera Gluttony.

My second to final toy-camera was picked up from the post office this weekend. Behold, the cutest thing that resembles a candy bar yet is functional technology that you have ever seen: Is it not adorable? It acts as a Polaroid but is smaller and doesn't use the discontinued film that Polaroid used to create (and stopped doing as of January 2008, may it rest in peace.) This is a Fuji Instax 7s "Cheki".
I'm currently waiting for the film to show up that I ordered to take it for a test drive, and of course you know that I will spam the images here of things I sort-or managed to capture.
It's small and fun and has happy characters on the back in Japanese that are just adorable and add to the charm of the little thing. It's surprisingly heavy for its size but that's due to the 4 AA batteries it takes to run the thing.
I already have a special little photo album the shape and size of the films that will come out of this thing, and I really look forward to getting to play with it and refining its use. It may not technically be a toy because it's so automated, but it certainly looks like one. I'm glad I got the chocolate one instead of the all white one, too, as it won't fade or yellow or get visible stains and scratches on it. It's just cool. I've got nothing to really say about it but I just want to babble on about it.
Anyway... it's here. You'll see the aftermath of its arrival soon enough.

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