Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Actual Conversation # 68 - The Necessity of Having a Story?

me: People keep asking for the story of how the proposal happened.
.....we don't really have a story, do we?
gru: Sure we do. In between solving the hunger crisis, teaching our nation's children to read and whipping up some souffle I approached you on bended knee with great love and adoration and asked, nay begged, for you to be my wife.
And you said 'Yeah, sure whatever, I'm trying to cure cancer here and do finish my Pulitzer acceptance speech, leave me alone.' And so it was.
I tear up even now at the thought.
me: That's fucking epic.
gru: ...and we bought the wedding ring from space space. That's why it's taking so long to be sized. It's in space.
me: It really is. *nod*
gru: *nods*
me: Okay. I'll tell Cori that, then.
gru: *chuckles*
me: I've just been telling people you made it official at Raccoon Tabasco
gru: I've been telling people...oh yeah, that's right no one asks guys what the 'story' is. :-)
me: Unbelievable.
That is so not fair.
I am forwarding this email and YOU can tell the story.
gru: Oh, they're better off. I'd tell them to mind their own business. :-)
me: Really?
You'd say that to Cori?
gru: Nah, I'd say it in a nicer way than that.
But yeah, I have no need to feed other people's ideas of what all this should be. This is our way, and I like it. :-)
me: Then I'm going to stick with "We don't really have a story"

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