Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good night and good luck.

My last day of work, and they are really making it worth coming in.
29 emails saying they were upset to find out I was being laid off and sad to see me go, wishing me luck and happiness.
One e-card from a department wishing me well.
A real card from the guys at the datacenter thanking me for my hard work
-5-people- 6 people demanding I take down their personal emails to be used as references.
3 new friend requests on Facebook.
Weird txts from a former coworker out of the blue who tells me he's doing fine, and good for him.
More conversations about favorite video games to kill time with (as I have espoused to be doing all next week with my free time.) than I could shake a stick at.
Pizza courtesy of one of my buddies in Ops.
No less than 8 phone conversations from people wanting to thank me for my help with their issues.
I had no idea I'd made such an impact or garnered such a fan base. I almost feel bad, except it wasn't my decision to leave.
It's nice to be appreciated. I think the glow of this might carry me for a bit and bolster me while I'm interviewing in the coming weeks.

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