Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Having me a bit o' weirdness here.
Spent most of this evening with a story that randomly popped in to my head about a man who takes care of the hellhounds of England. You know, the black dogs that show up as a portend of death to the older families. I haven't thought about the subject in years, hadn't seen anything lately about it and hadn't really even touched on similar topics that might stir something up by association. I just went with it and had a great deal of fun, but was pondering the whole time where it came from.
I'm watching "Syfy" and poking through deviantArt. An ad for a movie comes on for this weekend. The title? "Hellhounds". I am creeped out just a bit. But then I take a look at my watched artists list and someone has submitted a bit of artwork.
The focus of it? Yeah. Hellhounds.
So that's weeeeeird...
...but wait, there's more.
On Monday I handled an issue for a woman in one of our departments. She was one of the great ones to work with over the phone and seemed happy with what I managed to get done for her. Not a bad person. As I looked at her name on the ticket I was creating I had a stray thought of "I'll see her name again by the end of the week. On a termination. That's too bad"
Today I processed a lot of terminations for people, and I recognized a LOT of the names that showed up in the queue. It was depressing. Until I got to her name and just stared at it. There was no reason for me to suspect it was coming. No emails or hints. I just thought of it in passing, then dismissed it as being stupid. But it wasn't. I was right.
I'm often stuck with moments of serendipity and synchronicity like that so it doesn't often strike me as unusual... except that this was pretty specific. It's normally not. I dunno what to make of it. I came home, asked for us to order out because I was messed up over helping fire the nice people of the world and drank some tequila in my coca-cola. After this latest bit with the hellhounds I may take another shot and call it a night.

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