Friday, July 10, 2009

Toy Camera Addition?

Me want pretty. :(
It was on eBay for several months and I kept putting off because there were so many listings for it. Then, magically, it disappeared. It's been several months and not returned. This is one of those moments where I fell in love with something then decided to wait, and apparently waited too long. Not sure now whether I should take that as a hint that it wasn't meant to be or if I should keep searching. I am seriously kicking myself, however.
It's so utterly adorable, and very reminiscent of my first camera (a Kodak 35mm point and shoot given to my by my Grandmother with utterly no choice of focal length, aperture, or anything... just whether the flash went on or not.) and it was so unusual and girly-pink that I fell in love with it. If I ever see one I'm going to grab it.
Meanwhile, interwebs, if anybody sees this for sale out there, holler! I will be eternally grateful.
I'm happy to say that I have only one more camera on my list that I absolutely want. The Diana F+ Glow. Behold its glory;

And yes, per it's name it DOES literally glow in the dark as long as it's been near a light recently. If you're in the midst of shooting time lapses in low light, I could see that coming in handy (or conversely futzing up your shot by the ambient light it would add...)
I love it. I've been waiting to see it on eBay since charges out the NOSE for everything it sells -and let's face it, being trendy tacks $50 on to anything, even a semi-mutable hunk of plastic- so I'm a super happi gurl that it showed up. I look forward to the chance to play with a different
interpretation of a toy camera/entirely manual setup.
Anyway, that's a toy for another time. I just hope I don't wait again so long that it's no longer for sale, as it's a special edition Diana model. *sigh* Oh, the balance between being an early adopter and entirely missing the train...
That, the adapter lenses for it and a Holga ringflash and I'll consider myself equipped and finished.
I love Bob for putting up with my obsessions. Art supplies, manifestations of yarn crafting, and photography. He doesn't even blink, just glad it makes me happy.

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